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Quick Review of the work from the University Of Winnipeg
B.Sc. Of Applied Computer Science (2009/01 - 2012/09)
PACE Internet System Sepcialist Diploma 25 (2012/09 - 2013/09)

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This website shows the work I have done in the University of Winnipeg Internet System Specialist Program.
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E-Commerce Group Project

This project is the final project of ISSD program. Class wass divided into 3 groups, 4 members in each group. We were provided with a company logo, business card, product spreadsheet, and a rack space sever. We have to finish RFP, configuring server, implement security to both sever and site, create database, design, code website in PHP, and test the site in 2 weeks. I was the front end developer and designer for this project, I implemented a responsive design through the whole site to make it mobile friendly.

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We had 2 Assignments to build websites by using Asp.net. We used C# with MS Visual Studio 2010 Express.The first assignment was include using master page, login Control, Email Plugin, Validation Control, Linq Datasource, SQL Datasource, Grid View Control, User Role change, Change Password Control, Register Wizard Control.In the second assignment we used Linq DataSource and Object DataSource to search book by Type and Publisher.

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We used Netbeans IDE to write java servlets. And we made them connect to a given database implemented by MySQL Workbench. User have to login and purchase products. After user have registered an account, his shopping cart will save to database before he checkout. When he logout and login again he can still see the items from shopping cart. When order is processed, user's shopping cart will become empty and an email with the confirm information will be sent to the user.

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DHTML(Java Script)

We learnt use Java Script to make popup box and to valid form. In the final project of this course we played around with session cookie.

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Flash was my favourite course. I tried different things and made many complex animation effects. I used Adobe Flash CS5 to make 3 Android phone's boot animations and a short Japanese Anime, then I used ActionScript to put different sections together. Then I implemented the .flv file into a webpage which is all about Andriod products. I purchased a domain name and called xway.ca and then created a logo using Adobe Illustrtor.

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We learnt to make a RSS feed by using XML. For the final project we used XSLT and XML to make a news feed for our website. Although Google has recent closed thier RSS product: Google Reader, in order to focusing more on Google+, RSS still has many fans, new company like Digg, AOL, Feedly Reader have taken place to serve those who still want to use RSS. XML also has been used in many other places for example in ASP.net for example we used it on ad-rotator control.

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PHP Group Project

This was a group project to build a E-commerce site. 4 members in our group worked together to made the website working to meet all requirements. Then we put it on UW Salsa Sever, tested it, debuged the code. All these work had to be done in one week. In this project I coded all the HTML pages and convert them into php. Then I helped coding the SQL and connecting with database. In the end we debuged and tested it together.

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Online DataBase(PHP&SQL)

We learnt how to code E-commerce Website in PHP by using Adobe Dreamweaver. We learnt SQL and how to use MySQL workbench. Then we recreated the XHTML project using PHP and we use UW PACE Salsa Server to create a database. Then we inplemented a administration site in php to manage the products(show stats, add, edit, search, upload image).

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This course is based on strict and transition html and CSS. We learnt how to make a valid web page by just using PSPad. It was really "fun" to hard code the entire website without IDE. One of the requirement was under 100k per page and I made 2 versions. One is to meet the requirement. The other one looks more beautiful with high quality of images. In this way, we learnt how to optimize images to fit different situatuions.

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Web Design Principles

In the course we learnt the CARP Principles and created mock-up for a website that we want to create. My insperation came from the dance crew I joined called Winnipeg Dancers' Club. I put a lot of efforts in order to make it looks nice, and I created a new logo for Winnipeg Dancers' Club.

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This course we learnt how to use Adobe PhotoShop CS5 and in the final project we made a website mockup. I learnt how to use Adobe FireWorks to wireframing and used Adobe Illustator to create logos.

I'm a web designer and developer in Toronto, ON CA. These Web works are either Assignment or Project of the UW PACE Internet System Specialist course. If you have any concerns please email me at ktxuan@gmail.com.