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Design will make more sense with these 9 small tips

November 23, 2014

See a designer said on the microblogging today: if you do it you can be wrong; if you don’t do it, you will never get it. Deep thought, and quickly point praise. If so clever, you are just in the design phase of trial and error, it is recommended today to learn about this good news. On 9 share practical tips to help you become a complete semi-finished design works nice, I hope the students have more hands-on experience to see more of their predecessors, come together.

Maybe you’re still a novice designers, but you also want your designs look better some (but your work is not yet in line with the established template). Perhaps you also want to understand what factors in the end the great achievements of the design work, but now you have to go do some other things. According to this proposal, you should first learn how to perfect your semi-finished design, in short, you should be to learn, rather than in the imagination of the ocean blind struggle. So let’s get on it.
First, do not use fancy fonts
thousands of types of fonts. In fact, most of them are very practical. There are many excellent and good-looking font, but there are also bad impractical fonts.

Absolutely want to avoid this “gimmick” font: the picture is handwritten, looks like Swiss cheese. Not to say that any of the fancy fonts not be used, but if you are at a preliminary stage designer, do not want to complicate the issue, so as not to increase the font you choose not practical possibilities.

If you do not have enough certainty, then direct reference master! “Fonts rankings! 2014 Top 35 material packaged font download ”
Second, to try to choose the simple font

Since there are so many bad impractical font, then you do not take risks, not to select complex fonts. Stick with a simple font, and then to concentrate on learning how to identify which font on the screen for small size, which fit a large font size (or fit to print out), there is not the same font can convey what kind of mood (font how to convey emotions).

You will be able to understand the character font emotional about it slightly: “font’s character! Unfinished melody first love. ”

Third, no more than ten to five words
Now wide-screen on the site, but also in response to current design trends, many people are trying to widen the main text block. But do not let your text header portion of each line for more than twelve to ten five words, do not let them be less than eight characters per line.

Four, only one font
Yes, you read right, I said so. Even using only one font, you can also complete a great design, and even the contents of this design will be richer; And, if you want to learn design, do not let yourself be distracted. Carefully study your chosen font, you will learn a lot about how to use the font you choose the right one for you to create a good design, rather than the old account changes in the size, alignment, and blank, etc. (This is also in 9 Tips will be mentioned).

Fifth, the range of values ​​have varied selection of font sizes
In digital printing era, we are lucky, they are unfortunate: can be set to any size we want. I say “unfortunately” because for most people, this is actually a malpractice because it complicates things. Then help yourself look good to remember the values ​​of these pixel size: 5,7,9,12,16,21,28,37,50,67,83. These dimensions are based on the ratio of 3: 4, you can learn more about these dimensions of knowledge in search optimization based network card design + extended reading. If these dimensions are not fully achieve the effect you want, you can also be improved by what happened: Use bold or italics, use of all caps (title), or use a different color. Stick with these dimensions, do not go to consider other things.

Six, align text
left text types are generally reasonable alignment, the right freely spread expansion in the available space. If you really know your layout, nice proper alignment type can provide high-quality publication printing. On the network, do the right thing is not impossible. Text blocks need to have a uniform texture, and use them to adjust to avoid those unsightly blank area of reading fluency originally interrupted. Remember: Do not be sacrificed in order to align the edges of your text.

How to make text look better? Term of 10 years + experience designer to answer: “When the plane layout, teach you several ways to highlight the beauty of the Chinese.”

Seven, maintain decoration, texture, will minimize the impact

Challenge yourself, do not add as much decoration (regular lines, text blocks, gradient, and texture). After simplifying and consider all other details (such as tips # 9), then start where you need to add something.

Eight, just choose a color
You can go and see those big sites usually regular contact. Such as Google, Yelp, Duolingo, and Twitter. Each of them can make me immediately think of their color, and this color dominated each of their products. Just choose a color for your design, then a unified tone or use different shades of colors. The most important thing is to be concise. Now, you can see the tips 9.

Nine, pay more attention to the “invisible” rather than “visible” 

Described above are designed to help you simplify your decisions, so you can focus on the design of those invisible things. We are slaves of cognition, it contents are attracted to shiny things, such as fonts and colors, but those really important things will make the design looks clean and cohesion: the size of the various elements, their arrangement and interaction way, as well as how much of the empty space between them.


The design is a very complex subject, all of these rules may be a very skilled designer to break. When you’re on the course, these rules apply very comfortable you can even try to break them; but until then, you have to follow these rules, in the design of your way you will no longer be a novice, you are a professional! via uisdc