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HTML5 has been finalized: will overturn the native application

November 15, 2014

2007 W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) project HTML5, until the end of October 2014, the specification for eight years finally officially sealed draft.

Over the years, HTML5 revolutionized the pattern of the PC to the Internet to optimize the mobile Internet experience, then, HTML5 will subvert the native App World. It sounds a bit alarmist, but if a careful analysis of the history of the development of HTML5, you will find that the development trend of the world really is.
Known history can predict the future, let us look at why the birth of HTML5, which is how over eight years.


Since the birth of HTML5 W3C released in 1999 HTML4, Web world of rapid development, a piece of prosperity. People once thought that the HTML standard does not require the upgrade. Some Web App development company committed to set up a separate organization WHATWG, until 2007, W3C took over the related work from WHATWG, re-start the development of HTML5.

History of the development of HTML5, there are the needs of users in the promotion, there is demand for technology developers in promoting more great commercial interest in promoting.
Early in the Internet, the user, can open a browser to access the Internet world is a wonderful thing, but after the development of the Internet by 2005, began to appear the next change is broadband Internet.
With the spread of broadband and computer performance enhancements, people are no longer satisfied with simply watching the news through the Internet, e-mail, consume higher bandwidth entertainment products began to appear, is streaming video and web games. In fact, video and games are old demand, the popularity of the Internet is not the time to meet the demand approach is offline transmission of VCD and game discs; later the increasing popularity of the Internet, people change the use, by downloading software + local media player look video, download larger end of the play the game.

But new ways for consumers to experience better still there and subvert the previous order, which is streaming and web games. YouTube and other companies to grasp the trend of the rapid rise of a variety of page tour companies springing up.

But the HTML standard does not change in time to grasp the evolution of the industry, products are not upgraded browser, this new demand is a browser plug-satisfied, and that is Flash. The deployment of hundreds of millions of browser plug-ins have become the de facto standard for business. 2005 Adobe heavily in the acquisition of Macromedia, the Flash fold, followed by a substantial promotional FLV streaming and action script language, it is clear this acquisition can be classified as a classic case of IT acquisitions, FLV streaming and Flash games swept the Internet, Adobe in the new industrial upgrading to grab a lot of profit.

In addition to this commercial product Flash became the de facto standard, W3C also faced an embarrassing, is another maker of proprietary extensions agreement -IE. IE was in the desktop browser monopolistic, and expanded a lot of IE Only grammar, developers do not know who these languages are defined. The entire Web world, it was the two companies Microsoft + Adobe kidnapped.

Many IT giants sit still, especially Apple and Google. PC operating system in the world there is no breakthrough, Web browser, Apple high hopes, but the first generation iPhone only support pages, was not yet Appstore, Safari is a very high value products Steve Jobs; upstart Google, although a large number of sponsors Mozilla, but not discover the underlying controlled by Adobe after IE materially affect the status of the acquisition of YouTube, but also very sad, but Google annually to IE’s search box and Adoble FLV to pay the costs really is not a small number.
Since we are all W3C chairman units, well, we re-started doing HTML5 right.

Yes, HTML5 is actually such a birth. That was in 2007, IE and Flash from the gloom and doom of the turning point.

HTML5 first stage: Web enhancements and break the monopoly since HTML5 birth, experienced a total of two stages, namely, enhanced Web and mobile Internet. We start talking about Web enhancements.

Enhanced rich Web experience mainly in: 1 WebApp, such as Gmail; 2 streaming media; 3 game …. We have these three aspects of what has been done in terms of HTML5.

WebApp: HTML5 adds offline storage, richer forms (such as Input type = date), JS threaded, socket Wang Yue, standard extension embed, and many CSS3 new syntax …

Streaming: HTML5 adds Audio, Video
Game: HTML5 adds Canvas, WebGL

Of course there is Google and other efforts to promote the Header and Section tag in HTML5, to facilitate search engine analysis, these little later.

HTML5 supplement streaming and gaming capability, coupled with the introduction of Apple’s strong denial Flash on iOS, the successful containment of the Flash development, and respect curb IE private grammar.
In HTML5 standard upgrade process, Apple and Google also saw an opportunity to re-shuffle of the browser market, while they participate in the HTML5 specification, while the browser product development effort. Apple first began to develop Safari, build WebKit open source project, Mac, iOS, Windows multi-platform together and force; Google was originally sponsored by the Mozilla Developer Firefox, and later developed its own v8 engine, merge WebKit, in 2008 officially launched Chrome. “IE’s proprietary specification + Flash is not standard, we are the standard” slogan started in a new generation of browser wars, IE instantly become a monopoly on behalf of condemned, and even became a sinner hinder Web Development (then IE6 has several year is not updated, and no fear of Firefox development).

But why Microsoft has made a halo trick this time, launched a series that is not fully supported specification also mutually incompatible IE7,8,9,10, completely lost developer’s heart.

Adobe’s Flash has been curbed, and Web overlord seat pass; private standard IE is checked, and the resulting decline in IE market share of non-stop until the latest mobile version of IE, in turn, began to support WebKit private grammar, I am really saddened . I do not know HTML6 WebKit is not the monopoly of defeat.
HTML5 second stage: the mobile Internet with the decline of triumph Chrome and Safari, and IE + Flash’s, HTML5 come to an end, into the next era – the mobile Internet. HTML5 cross-platform advantages in the mobile Internet era is further highlighted. HTML5 is the only take-all PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and other mainstream platform for cross-platform language. Java and Flash have dreams in this position, but West Side in iOS. At this point people have begun to study the development of cross-platform HTML5-based mobile applications. Many people at that time that native applications just transition, just as the transition from C / S structure of B / S structure of the same. And learning Objective-C and Java very hard, since I will be web development, why not try HTML5.

W3C Device API at this time set up a working group for HTML5 extended Camera, GPS and other mobile-specific API, but the trouble is, iterative initial fast mobile Internet, mobile phone OS in constant expansion hardware API, gyroscopes, proximity sensor, barometer. . . Phone OS has a large version of the annual update. The W3C as a member of an organization of hundreds of joint decision-making, and agreed to the proposed draft standard is a very complex process, and keep up with rapid iteration of mobile Internet early.

PhoneGap emergence to the developer to open a window. Many people look forward to stop the expansion PhoneGap API, to supplement the browser. Adobe PhoneGap see seem to see the status to revive hope, but after Adobe acquired PhoneGap, also found that the lack of things to commercial and open source so that Adobe can not get that commercial interests like Flash, so he donated to the Apache PhoneGap , renamed Cordova.

HTML5 vs. native vs. hybrid mobile apps: 3,500 developers say all three, please
Image Credit: Telerik

For various reasons, Cordova positioning ultimately did not become strengthened browser, and move towards a hybrid development. Based on the background of the time, they think native is irreplaceable, “native + HTML5” hybrid model makes more sense. So now Cordova usage model is “native Engineers + HTML5 engineer” together collaboratively App.

Facebook then joined the W3C, led the establishment of the Mobile Web working group. Facebook is mixed Web lap and did not own territory on the phone OS, he does not like Apple and Google control of a native application ecosystem. Mobile Web an important goal of this working group is to make HTML5 web application development to achieve a native application experience. However, it did not, it do not work hard, no problem, but the result is a failed effort. 2012, Facebook abandoned HTML5 news flooded the world IT media, HTML5 instantly sideline.
Why Facebook abandon HTML5? Core was based on HTML5 really can not make a good mobile App. Compare Twritter other competitors native App, Facebook’s HTML5 version really can not let customer satisfaction. Features such as Push to now push and push native HTML5 is still a huge gap between the experience, not to mention the HTML5 application switching pages black and white, pull-down refresh / sliding menus are not smooth, and many other problems. Watching the native engineers easily shake, two-dimensional code, voice input, share circle of friends and other functions, but also let HTML5 engineers feel the wrong team.
Even if Facebook does not like to be controlled, nor could get the user to risk being abandoned. And Facebook does not grasp the key point – mobile browser kernel. If your browser does not keep up with a bunch of draft standards given in vain not to fall.

And what a browser on the phone’s performance is it? Look at Google, Chrome performance, although high, but the browser on Android, but not Chrome, but WebKit change out of a crappy Android browser; look at Apple, do not allow other browsers engine App Store shelves on iOS, and other applications using the Safari engine can not call Apple’s own JavaScript acceleration engine Nitro. The result is Apple and Google are not actively pursuing the only browser on the mobile App HTML5 specification required, instead of HTML5 to make all sorts of restrictions.

Regardless of the hardware was the lack of capacity, or mobile phone OS manufacturers deliberately limit, in short the result is this: in the early stages of the mobile Internet, it must be the world’s ecosystems, native application, after iOS and Android first own turf solid, industry will be down a phase of the upgrade.
Facebook Hao, PhoneGap Hao, like in the early days of the mobile Internet a share is less than a minute, but stick with it, the opportunity will often appear.

HTML5 this time has really come finally, in 2014 end of October, W3C HTML5 officially announced finalized. This time, no later not earlier, more powerful hardware, mobile OS iteration rate of decline.

With HTML5 standards finalized, all disputes will come to an end, and now belongs to the era of HTML5 arrived.
It is said that the light standards finalized useless ah, matching up? What do HTML5 application can compete native App? The answer is, HTML5 can not only match the native App, and even many of its natural characteristics beyond the native App.

Let’s talk about the place better than the original native HTML5 applications, the industry called HTML5 has “sex workers can” obstacles. That is not as good as native HTML5 performance, as good as native development tools, the ability to invoke good as native.


This leads to several problems HTML5 developers can not use the same make and the native App. However, whether it is a hardware upgrade or OS vendor strategy changes, as well as related software technologies mature, has solved the “sex workers can” barriers of HTML5.

1. Hardware Upgrades
2011, iPhone 4s the CPU is A5, now iPhone 6 is A8, according to Apple’s previous conference saying, lifting a total of 7.5 times the speed. This three-year period 7.5 times faster, smooth too HTML5 performance issues.

2. Apple’s policy changes, Google’s
Android 4.4, built-in Webview Google released at the end of 2013 is no longer a crappy Android WebKit browser, but Chromium, performance increased dramatically. The latest Android 5.0 from the start, Webview real-time updates through Google Play Store, and Chrome upgrades consistent, users can not brush machine to enjoy the latest browser engine; look at Apple, the iPhone 5 released after 2012, HTML5 in have satisfactory performance on iOS, Safari exclusive Nitro JavaScript engine to speed is no longer so important, but after iOS 8 release, Apple is still very good grace to cancel a tripartite program call restrictions Nitro, and now any browser or application calls iOS the UIWebview can use Nitro acceleration, so the front end use JS to do large-scale operation is also possible. Two mobile operating systems and browsers giant overlord attitudes changed, so that HTML5 development on the phone is no longer limited, and this can only continue to move forward irreversible change, this change is bound to have a profound impact.

3. Software technology matures
PhoneGap development, although slowing, but the other product technology has matured. 2014’s iWeb Congress, many vendors provide a surface

To developers for free or open source HTML5 sex workers dysfunction solutions.
(Note: The author as practitioners, the program will be referred to our company when analyzing various options, but the presentation of the program will be the objective of not exaggerated, and that the program is purely free, no commercial sales suspect.)

DCloud released the system in iWeb Conference HTML5 “sex workers can be missing” solutions, including:
a) Performance: to enhance the performance of HTML5 mobile client engine, let slip the menu, pull down to refresh other dynamic interactive Caton problem is solved;
b) Tools: HTML5 development IDE products HBuilder, ultra-fast programming tool;
c) Capacity: The package 400,000 native API into JavaScript objects in order to solve the problem of insufficient capacity Native.js HTML5 technologies;
d) closest to the native experience of high-performance framework: MUI framework, the volume of only a few dozen K, load and run much faster than the general framework. The program developed based on HTML5 applications can achieve native App functionality and experience.
HTML5 application development using HBuilder

Intel has released Crosswalk engine that lets Android 4.0 – 4.3 application on the phone packaging Chromium engine instead of Android WebKit. After all, there are a lot Android 4.0 currently on the market – 4.3 phone, but a unified WebView also avoids compatibility problems.

Many companies in the professional direction also made a good score. Touch Cocos2d-html5, Egret runtime and Ludei CocoonJS strengthened Canvas performance, so HTML5 gaming experience better; UC, cheetah and other mobile phone browsers are fortified with audio and video playback performance.
Whether hardware upgrades, software maturity, policy changes or operating system vendors are in a strong push outbreak of HTML5.

Note, however, I say HTML5 outbreak, does not refer to the phone browser will become an alternative desktop applications entrance. Some people say that HTML5 is not good, because users hate to open a browser, enter the URL of the process. I want to say this idea is a one-sided understanding of HTML5. HTML5! = Traditional browser, although the programming language, or HTML, Javascript, CSS, but the way the issue is by no means a traditional website that simple. Entrance HTML5 applications, but rarely launch the browser enter the URL, it may be present in the phone’s desktop icon, you can also come from the Super App (such as micro-channel circle of friends), as well as search engines, application market, advertising alliance. . . Everywhere its entrance. Its entrance, more than the native App.

Native HTML5 App subversion “sex workers can” obstacles to be resolved, can be close to the native App effect, so it can replace the native App it? Many people believe that HTML5 will develop even better than it is now, will also be part of the native App each market structure, less demanding applications will use the long tail HTML5, while the mainstream is still dominated by native App.

But I think this idea is very dangerous, as established before Apple, HP executives told Wards: Who put a computer in the house it? Future HTML5 will certainly subvert native App. “Sex workers can” eliminate obstacles, but HTML5 disadvantage is weakened, but the disadvantage is eliminated, its advantages will shine, what are the advantages of HTML5? We were on the point of view of developers and end users.


7 big advantage for developers HTML5

Cross-platform: the multi-screen era, the developer’s misery index is very high, and everyone looking forward to HTML5 to play savior. Multiple sets of code, different technical trades, business logic synchronization, which is grueling process. Somewhat similar to the early PC world, at that time, each computer has its own operating system and programming language, developers struggling to make different versions, in fact, the popularity of DOS is also to a large extent because the developer is really no energy to other computer to write program. Cross-platform technology is mostly because of performance problems died in the early days, but in the late hardware capacity enhancement then will occupy the mainstream, because cross-platform really is just to be.
Rapid iteration: Mobile Internet is a fast fish eat slow fish era, who is to meet the needs of users faster, lower cost of trial and error who, will have a huge advantage. Most Internet products for free, and there is a network effect, into those who snatch the user very difficult. Using native development, from recruitment, development, efficiency in all aspects of on-line are slower than doubled, and the more people involved, the communication efficiency is often slowed down more than doubled.

Continuous Delivery: Many people have such an experience, a native application on-line App Store, suddenly there is a big bug, had to work overtime to repair, and then quietly wait for two weeks or longer Apple audit, which two weeks are smear users drowned, the market is in a bad review, huge loss. Other new applications are reviewed on the line, the user has uninstalled. However, HTML5 none of these questions, you can real-time updates, there are problems respond immediately.

Substantial decline in costs: the entrepreneur financing is not easy, how to spend money more efficiently is very important. If you use the native App development and competitors developed using HTML5 App makes no difference, but your development costs twice, I believe that no investor would like to give you money to vote.
Open source ecosystem developed: HTML5 front end is open and positive feedback loop ecosystem, a large number of open source libraries can be used to develop applications become more relaxed, more agile, of course, this is also reflected in the rapid iteration and cost reduction. But more importantly, this open future vitality of the positive feedback loop ecosystem is more powerful than the native ecosystem.

Open data exchange: HTML page for the unit is open source, it does not require specially developed SDK, as long as no confusion, other applications will be able to interact with the data. Developers can make mobile search engine can easily retrieve their own data, but also easier to meet end-user needs through cross-application collaboration.

Multi-diversion entrance: HTML5 applications diversion is very easy, super App (such as micro-channel circle of friends), search engine, application market, browser, everywhere traffic entrance of HTML5. The native App flow inlet only applications. Smart HTML5 developers will certainly Fun variety of flow inlet to obtain greater advantages.

Flow: Some time ago micro-channel circle of friends all the rage “nervous cat”, this game is if you put Appstore, absolutely not so much traffic, Super App bring traffic, much larger than native applications. If the micro-channel allow the game to create a shortcut on the desktop, if the game continued entertainment subsequent upgrades to solve the problem, the future unimaginable.

High diversion efficiency: In addition to the entrance and more flow, high efficiency diversion can not be ignored, no one knows, and the end of the tour page tour playing the same ads, change user conversion rate, much higher than the end of the tour page tour. Diversion can be accurate to two pages: We all know that search engines can go directly to.

HTML5 three major advantages to the end user

1, dramatically reducing the use of threshold
Why would an alternative download streaming video into the mainstream? Why would such a popular tour page? Because users are too “lazy.” Allow users to more easily meet the demand, and sometimes better than more to meet demand.

The user’s eyes to see a point of interest, when clicked, you should immediately begin to meet user needs. For example, you can watch streaming immediately, page tour can play immediately. The current native application market, users need to do this: the election of an application, wait for the download to confirm the permission, waiting for installation, and then click Open. Such a bad experience sooner or later to be subverted.
Whether App, games or audio and video, the future will be that is the point that is used. Who should meet the needs of users, who will win.

2, real-time updates, the difference between the amount of the outstanding experience update
HTML5 applications can bypass the application limits the market autonomously updated in real time, users can quickly enjoy the new service.

And this update can be the difference between the amount of updates, such as an HTML page or a js file in question, this update only a few K of small files on it, update it much better than the experience of native applications.

3, cross-application experience
Currently based desktop or mobile application switching task manager for the center, but in fact it is affecting the efficiency of these centers and experience. Users want to travel to Sanya, the first open go App booking, then cut back to the desktop, and then locate and open the Weather App, search input Sanya, then cut to the desktop, locate and open the Air Travel aspect App, enter the flight number value machine, oh yes the flight number to the number, and then cut to the desktop, locate and open the App going to see the flight number, and finally locate and open the Car App, enter the car rental place, and then cut back to the desktop. . .

In the native application system, the user can only. But in HTML5 system, he does not need to cut back to the desktop, he can easily jump around in the App directly between, instead of using a an island App; he was not to duplicate data entry, you can easily transfer data between each application.
This model requires a little imagination, but the future will come sooner or later.
Analysis of this point, we can clearly see, whether it is standing on end-user perspective, or standing developer point of view, HTML5 will replace native applications current location. And thus lead to a series of subversion.
What will be changed? HTML5 outbreak, subversion App native ecosystems, is an industrial revolution, many roles will be affected, we have to predict something.
The new HTML5 engine war will be burned

HTML5 standard engines can not solve all the problems of HTML5, with large flow inlet Internet giant, everyone thinking better enhancing the embedded engine. Tencent launched the X5 browser engine, is the fancy this opportunity. Currently brightest browser vendors, application market makers, and even rom manufacturers are struggling to integrate better browser engine. Given the micro-channel embedded WebView can run better Canvas game, if 360 mobile assistant may issue Point HTML5 applications used and the ability to experience consistent with the original, if millet rom Built more powerful WebView allows all HTML5 applications millet phone run more smoothly. . .

A giant into action, all the giants will brainer, yes, World War II battle will be mobile Internet world.
Application distribution market will reshuffle

Due to the huge flow of Super App can easily become the entrance HTML5 applications, and will provide greater effect the formation of large, traditional application store, or even pre-installed below the line, these deficiencies and efficiency of low flow distribution model will be out of the market mainstream. App itself is super high flow applications store, if the transition properly, will also be released HTML5-based applications.

Advertising and market statistics
Native SDK provides advertising and statistics Gan Chamber embarrassed faces, Google, Baidu and other web-based advertising and statistical services will achieve a greater advantage. Developers no longer need to pack SDK, you can introduce a Script.
Open source technology will become more popular in the mobile Internet field
HTML openness created a large number of open source products, but also reverse promote the prosperity of HTML. There are plenty of on Github JS framework, and native little compared to the number of open-source code. The future of mobile Internet and the world will be as open-source development more quickly, there also exists the class Github vendor opportunities.

Changes in development tools
Early HTML only need notepad to write a few Tag, mid HTML, JS, CSS is more complex, the need for more advanced text editor, but after the arrival of HTML5, it’s the amount of code, complexity, development model will be developed in line with the original, require similar Xcode, Eclipse and other IDE tools to solve professional development, debugging problems. Some will use Notepad to write code proud developer, will face the idea to convert even more efficient developer eliminated.

Performance Analysis Tuning
At present, many native applications for tuning performance analysis tools or services, the future is also facing a transition, HTML5 application performance analysis tuning is another world.
Confused with property rights protection
HTML5 is open source, the benefits also brings disadvantages, developers want to expose some things, but some things that developers want to protect. Obfuscation techniques to become more business opportunities. PC Web on Gmail confusion on doing good. In addition to JS confusion, offline data encryption I believe there are a lot of space.

New opportunities for security vendors
HTML5 will lead to a lot of powerful security problems, and solve different ideas and original, the industry there may be a new security vendor leader.

Conclusion wrote at the end, I feel a little big topic. In fact, how the future development is that no one can accurately predict the variables very much. But I want both users and developers more easily trend is wrong.
I’m here to start a discussion, we welcome the discussion, but I hope we can rational analysis, refining Truth in the dispute, rather than thinking or verification without fear of being subversive and only unnecessary chaos spray.

Also wish everyone in the HTML5 wave, seize the opportunity, sit down and enjoy the feeling of HTML5 air.