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The nine most common mistakes of LOGO design

November 22, 2014

Students and clients often come to me, let me talk about how their logo design samples.

I do not particularly like the evaluation of the work of others, especially when one works did not say what the highlight of the time, but what help students improve their level of business, or seek professional advice for customers to come to collection points consulting fees, I was quite willing.

Dry logo design in this line for a long time — — I am not joking easily be able to see a logo works went wrong. Some works are terrible, should never occur, there are some specific analysis is required according to the characteristics of the project.

1. do not plan to start

This seems to be too obvious mistake, I think it listed here are a little embarrassed, but unfortunately, this mistake almost everyone of us are committed. At least I have committed myself to, and in many of my personal projects are committed, especially those I have a keen interest in the project.

Although without any plan to start designing technically no problem, but the situation is often shortly after I started designing, we have to return to the origin, redrafting and rational design. In fact, in a personal project, a design can not only save a lot of time for follow-up work, but also make your design ideas more complete and thorough.

It is for individual projects, commercial projects, the situation was more than that.

A pre-drawn design makes the designer needs to understand exactly what their own design and how to design. Moreover, it allows designers and their clients have a clearer understanding of the relationship. If you do not design, designers have too much autonomy, the result will be felt at a loss. And customers do not know exactly what kind of project that is designed to, but do not know what are the requirements for designers presented.

I strongly suggest the designers to seriously consider the problem of design. In commercial projects, there is no design, and its consequences in all likelihood be catastrophic. If you want your logo to look professional and outstanding, make each project to draft a design for it.

2. Designed for yourself

Design is often a highly personal and full of emotional events. Therefore, the face of “you are designing for others logo” This is indeed a bit difficult, it is not only a challenge for designers, customers, too, because they often only consider their own taste, forgetting the needs of the audience.

You must clearly understand what talent is the ultimate target group logo, then get to know them as comprehensively as possible. Depth of them, with them on your project for exchanges. Listen to how they say, and then the communication process is recommended to use to collect your design.

For small business owners, I would like to remind them one: Do not complete the advice of the audience to decide your design. You have to do is try to understand from the perspective of the audience of your project, and then the design work to a professional designer to complete. Otherwise, the final product may be a Frankenstein-style logo (Frankenstein is a nineteenth-century novelist Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein pen a classic image — Annotation), logo design nightmare.

One of the important skills to know how the tastes and needs of the audience to design, designers need to learn most of the business owners, this is a very valuable experience, not only in design, in their other businesses also apply . Remember, you are in for your audience instead of your own design.

3. ignoring the characteristics of clients

Every business has its own unique place in the logo design, the designer should keep in mind that. It can be a secret recipe (such as Coca-Cola), may be the industry leader (such as Google), may be unmatched innovation (such as Apple). I’m not saying the logo should be straightforward to demonstrate this feature, which often result in very bad consequences. logo design too straightforward and desirable, but a deep understanding of the customer’s unique will undoubtedly provide a lot of inspiration for you.

As far as I am concerned, it accounts for a large proportion of my design process, in fact this is my first time in the design of things to figure out. And like the same kind of magic, it is almost bottom in work.

Understanding the customer’s unique highlights to help you find unique and best suited to the company’s design of the road. Each company has its own characteristics, to grasp this point, the design is more likely to succeed.

4. understand brand positioning

Compared with the logo, the brand has more meaning, in order to design a truly embodies the essence of the brand’s logo, designers need to really understand the brand’s positioning. Brand positioning reflects a brand and other brands, especially in relation to its main competitors. To analyze a brand’s market position, the easiest way is to use the “cognitive chart” (perceptual mapping), use it to put the relationship between the brand and other brands with a clear vision graphically presented to more accurately obtain this brand positioning.

If the market analysis is not your strong point, these words may make you feel confused. In fact, it is very simple, look at the following example.

Cognitive chart: Different brands of chocolate quality and price.

Here, in accordance with the consumer two most closely related factors: the quality and price of some of the chocolate brand positioning to do some analysis. In addition, also according to brand awareness, availability, durability, or other consumer-related aspects to analyze a brand positioning. Comprehensive analysis of accurate positioning should come from.

Once we have a brand’s market position has a very clear understanding, we should be designed according to its position and its market position in line logo. This way you design a logo recognized by consumers the chance will be higher.

5. lazy research

Understand the characteristics of the customer’s business and market positioning is successful logo design key link, but just know that these are not enough. Designers should also take the time to more fully understand the customer’s business, such as business environment, the industry, it is the face of the size of the competitors, your logo design will be used where the company’s main customers are those, etc. .

Internet will provide strong support for you, you can search for the customer’s corporate presentation and business information, etc. through the network. To learn to make friends with Google, there is no doubt the problem, you can ask him. Customers often limited knowledge for the design of this line, so they generally do not take the initiative to provide too much information for you so that you make a better design. But as a designer, you should ask some questions, even if these questions seem very low.

Do not understand the customer’s business away design logo, covered his eyes like a hunter would like a stone hit bull’s-eye as absurd. Even if your logo design can be recognized, that is due to luck, but luck is most designers can not rely on things. In short, the more information you gather, the more likely you are to make a good design.

6. not considered practical application

This is a logo design typical error. Almost every young designers will make this mistake, they may not even thought about the future of their logo designs may be used in different media. Design aspects to be considered in a lot, but fortunately this error is very easy to avoid.

You just need to ask a few questions. Your customers are put pen logo printed on it, or intended for use in promotional ads? Is to spray it on the company’s vehicles or large outdoor display boards? Before you begin hands-on design, the designer should understand his final logo design to use where.

Even the design of the logo on your website is very beautiful, can be arbitrarily zoom, but there will always be unexpected situation. I, for example, customers may like you design a logo, its size is not a problem, but it happens embroidered on T-shirts would be inappropriate at this time that the more depressed you ah!

If you want to design their own logo can be used on any flat surface media, should be designed to be simple to some, the Nike logo is a good example.

7. Too many options

If we could come again, I wish I started to understand how important this advice. Because of this I will take a lot less detours, but when I communicate with other designers, but found it seems that every designer has experienced this stage.

In order to enhance their level of design, form their own design style, young designers who need a lot of practical experience, and to get a real confidence, then they have the refinement rather than seeking more emboldened. Of course, no design experience, almost impossible to reach this point.

I know there are some designers choose to come up with several sets of design solutions to clients looking, thinking that it will be able to reflect the value of their work. I understand that the reason they do it, but I do not think the more you work the program on behalf of the more gold.

Because in the end, customers will choose from a different scenario only, so if you can devote more time and energy on a program you the most satisfaction is not better? This issue deserves designers think.

However, some designers might say: But the customer asked me to come up with different solutions ah! This time how to do it? This situation is there, then I think the designers should have the courage to explain to customers why reduce the number of options would be more favorable.

When I designed my logo, it will also have a lot of different ideas and thoughts, but in the end, I think I will come up with a program best suited to this project. Because when I’m on the entire design is well thought out, the details of the small gains also, when there would be a lot of explaining to customers calm. I have enough confidence to convince customers that I made the best solution. It’s not much more valuable than the proposed scheme sets it?

But perhaps this is the process of growing a designer different to avoid mistakes. Anyway, one thing I’m sure of: if you try to avoid common mistakes I have listed several other, your confidence will gradually increase, and finally, to focus on the best solution is just a natural thing.

8. undue reliance on software

When you put gradients and shadows and other special effects to remove, the color changes to black and white, your logo will be what happens? It is also in it? If your logo is still time to make you satisfied, then it is really known is a masterpiece, if not, then you probably should consider whether it needs to redesign.

Computer special effects come to a very attractive design work is easier than the beauty of the thing, and only need to open Photoshop, the effect can be selected to be applied. But can not stand the test of time so make a logo, but also unhelpful to enhance the brand value.

My experience is to try to keep it simple design. When the logo of the core elements identified, then the appropriate selection of special effects for its elegance, but do not take effect never be confused with the design itself.

9. inability to explain their design

When a client asks you why design, you replied: “I feel so good-looking design.” This is undoubtedly a very bad thing. Keep in mind that when you use the “I think”, “I like the” kind word when given the same equal right to speak clients, such exchanges are likely to evolve into one that is more about who “taste” of the quarrel. Finally, who do you think will win?

Your design, every inch must be carefully arranged, it is behind a set of design concepts in support, it should be able to show that you have a deep understanding and respect for the designs. If you design a logo can do that, then you do not need to panic, because they can do this step, you will also be able to answer any questions raised by customers.

The design builds on your profession and experience, your customers will put you as industry experts, because they lack the technology and vision. In this way, customers will be willing to accept your design work, because they can not stand the same height and you argue.

In fact, the biggest difference is the ability to do this, it is best designers and mediocrity.


Anna – Roosevelt (ie, US President Franklin – Eleanor Roosevelt, she is a distinguished diplomat and statesman — Annotation) once said, life is too short, you can not put all errors committed again. So from other lessons to learn and progress is indeed growing shortcut.

But I also have to say that I have always been a strong emphasis on practical experience. If you make a mistake in the design, do not be too ashamed or guilty, because there is no more effective than correct their erroneous ways of learning. In short, the wrong help you progress as a ladder, instead of stumbling block your progress claims it!

9 major design errors, you in a few shots of it?